Shri Gulabrao Maharaj: A Chronicle of His Life

Shri Gulabrao’s life, though short (like Swami Vivekananda, he lived for just 34 years), was eventful, and the following are just a few of the milestones in his life.

  • Born on 6th July 1881 (Ashadha Shuddha 10) as Shri Gulab Gonduji Mohod to Shri. Gonduji and Sou. Alokabai Mohod at Loni Takli near Amravati, Maharashtra
  • Lost eyesight due to an illness when he was just a baby of 9 months
  • Spent the first four years of childhood in Madhan near Amravati till his mother’s death in 1885
  • Spent the next six years in Loni Takli with maternal grandparents. In this period, it became apparent to those around him that the blind boy had eyes of wisdom (‘Prajna-chakshu’)
  • Returned to Madhan and stayed there till 1900. His divine virtues and spiritual wisdom became even more apparent there. He worked hard to collect copies of scriptures and books in this period, and would hear them from a reader
  • 1896: Married to Sou. Mankarnika (Manikarnika)
  • 1897: Wrote essays and poems (abhangas); refuted the Anandamarga philosophy. Father died.
  • 1900: Initiated disciples from among his childhood friends; wandered around Sirasgaon, Chandur Bazaar and Yavali to spread spiritual value among common people. Gave up the official post of Patil and also left home, frustrated after a close relative tried to poison him
  • 1901: Received the grace of Saint Dnyaneshwar (Jnaaneshwara) – or Dnyaneshwar Mauli (mother) as he is fondly called in Marathi
  • 1902: Wrote a critique of the Mahanubhav school of thought, as also that of Darwinism and Spencer’s philosophy. Composed songs for women similar to ones that women of those times commonly sang while they did their chores, but embedded with devotion and spiritual principles. Traveled to Pandharpur. Arrived in Amravati. Met Haribhau Kevale – who later became famous as one of the foremost disciples of Shri Maharaj
  • 1903: Started the practice of Katyayani Vrata (vrata = austerities) at Deurwada
  • 1904: Talked about previous birth as the saintly Becharananda Swami of Jhinjhuwada, Gujarat. Started talks on Dnyaneshwari. Revealed an as yet unknown couplet from the book
  • (To be continued).

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