Digital versions of some of Shri Gulabrao Maharaj’s works can be downloaded from here.

Also: Gulabrao Maharaj – A Biography (English) by Sharad Kopardekar

Biography in Marathi by Milinda published in 1919: श्री ज्ञानेश्वरकन्यापदपांसु (श्री गुलाबराव महाराज यांचे चरित्र) (मराठी) पूर्वखंड  and श्री ज्ञानेश्वरकन्यापदपांसु (श्री गुलाबराव महाराज यांचे चरित्र) (मराठी) उत्तरखंड (Chapter 5)

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Books digitized by Sakshi DigitEyes:

(More to come…)

Books published on by Dr. KM Ghatate:

YouTube videos about Shri Gulabrao Maharaj

28 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Sir,

    I visited this site with great hope. But, I am disappointed to see that even after one year, you have not added any new material. I can understand the difficulty in uploading digital versions of the works of Gulabrao Maharaj. But, the least you can do is to provide a list of his works and also the details of where these books are available for sale, so that those who are interested can buy copies of the books.

    I searched for one hour on the internet and I did not find a detailed information about the works of Maharaj. Please do the needful.

    1. Dear Reader,

      Sorry for disappointing. I have been trying to find time to build up this site as my personal tribute to Shri Gulabrao Maharaj. I shall add more content in the coming days. Thanks for your patience.

      Best regards,
      Content Admin

      1. नमस्कार

        प्रथम ह्या Blog बद्दल धन्यवाद. आपण Blog वर दिलेले साहित्य मुंबई मध्ये कुठे मिळेल, तसेच मी गुलाबराव महाराज्यांचे ‘फसव्या गुरूची उत्तम चार्या’ ह्या पुस्तकाच्या शोधत आहे ते मला मुंबई मधे कुठे मिळेल किंवा courier करू शकता का?

  2. Rajeev Deshpande,

    I saw the latest update – bibliography. Thank you very much for this.
    BTW, Digital Library of India has an English biography & 5 volumes of Suktiratnavali. 2 volumes of Yogaprabhava are there at I can send you these links or the PDF files if you are interested in posting them on this site.

    1. I have ‘gudharthdeepika’ ,which i use to i want another work by gulabrao maharaj. Please send links for the same

    2. Dear Sir, Thanks for sharing the links. I’ve updated the page. I am looking for more links and also trying to digitize some works myself.

  3. We are interested in books of Gulabrao Maharaj, specifically at least on “Amrutanubhav”.
    We also read about donations being accepted for publishing his books.
    Where can we know more about both these?



    1. Books written by Param Pujya Gulabrao maharaj are available in Ramkrishna Library, Nagpur. But One has to be a member to read these books.

      1. Dear Rajendra,

        Thanks for the information. Readers from Nagpur will benefit from it.

  4. it is impossible to digest all the thoughts of pujya gulabrao maharaj even if we get 2 or 3 human births let alone in this life. pse convey to me the important works of maharaj containing the gist of his teachings.

  5. संत गुलाबराव महाराजांचे मनोहारिणी गीता हा हिंदी भाषेतील ग्रंथ pdf आहे का?

  6. parampujya shri gulabrao maharaj is a shining star in the terra firma of the universe. his contribution to the vedantic philosophy is unique and unparalelled. my humble salutations to him

  7. Parampujya Shri Gulabrao Maharaj authored as many as 150 books. The comprehensive list of his works may kindly be posted on this blog for references with brief introduction of the subject matter in the body of the book. Thanks.

  8. Namaskar,
    Maharajanche Hiranya Yoga ( Swapna Yoga ) he pustak kiva tyavaril kahi article kuthe milel ?

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