The Purpose of His Life – in His Words

A beautiful conversation between Maharaj and a friend occurs in the sixth part of Maharaj’s works (Suktiratnavali Yashti 6th). It offers insight into what Shri Gulabrao Maharaj thought about the purpose of his life.

Q: Who are you?

SGM: I am Saint Dnyaneshwara’s daughter and Shri Krishna’s wife.

Q: What is the purpose of your coming?

SGM: To establish devotion (Bhakti) in this world to the best of my abilities.

Q: Who has commanded you to establish Bhakti?

SGM: Shri Bhagawan Narada Muni has. Once while roaming around the world, sage Narada was passing by Vrindavana. There he saw a young woman and two old men. There were many other beautiful women serving this young woman. Sage Narada asked her who she was. She then said, ‘I am Bhakti – devotion – and these are my sons, Knowledge (jnaana) and Detachment (vairagya). These other women are rivers Ganga, Yamuna, etc., who are pleased with anyone serving me.’

Narada then said, ‘O Bhakti, please stay here. I will do something to bring youthfulness back in your sons. I shall establish devotion in every household on earth, among all peoples, even among forest-dwellers, and then alone will I be worthy of being called a Vaishnava – a devotee of Shri Vishnu.’

Narada then approached Sanat Kumara – the personification of detachment – and requested him to perform a Bhagawatam week, that is, narrating the stories of Shri Krishna from the Bhagawatam over a week. This would be a jnaana yajna, or sacrificial offering of knowledge. Many gods and seers turned up to hear Sanat Kumara’s recital. Bhakti also arrived with her sons, who had now turned into young men – meaning Detachment and Knowledge were revitalized among the listeners. Finally, Shri Krishna Himself arrived to witness this great gathering. He blessed Bhakti and asked her to nourish His devotees through the ages. Bhakti then entered the speech of saints and also entered the Bhagawatam. Seeing this, Uddhava who was present, urged Shri Krishna to also enter the words of Bhagawatam. It is thus that Narada arranged the establishment of devotion on earth through the words of saints.



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